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...because love is stronger than corona!

NOTHING can stop us PSJews from celebrating Shabbat the way Chabad knows how... with fresh out of the oven Challah, piping hot Matzah Ball Soup, and even the famous Sesame Noodles!!!

MUST text "Shabbat to Go" to 878.777.5099 by 10am on Friday to order your free Shabbat to Go package!

Pickup on Friday between 4-6pm from Chabad: 517 Hetzel

*Please fill out dietary special needs on form so we can accommodate you. 

YOU are the Shabbat host for your apartment... get ready to dine, laugh, sing and celebrate! Everything you need to create your own magical Shabbat experience is in your package...and your heart <3 

Shabbat Shalom!

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